Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Class 4 Week 1

Its finally the start of acting! This past week started Class 4 - Introduction to Acting. I'm really stoked about getting into the performance side of animation now. My mentor is a guy named Ray Chase who is a Senior Animator at Reel FX. For those who might not know, Reel FX is a studio down near Dallas, TX that does a lot of commercial and even feature work. Recently, they have been responsible for the new Looney Tunes shorts and as well as Open Season 3.

Ray is an awesome guy, I met him also this past week in our Q&A. I'm really looking forward to this term and being able to pump out some great animation!

Now onto my shot.

This assignment is my pantomime shot. I have to create a shot within 250 frames that uses acting WITHOUT dialogue. I also have to have 2 contrasting emotions in the shot as well, for example happy to sad or patience to anger.

For my shot I have a very confident barber that messes up a haircut. So my contrasting emotions will be confidence to devastation.

Here is the set up and characters for my shot. :) And before you ask, yes I'll put pants on the guy in the chair. 

Here are sketches for the basic plan of the shot. Sorry for the bad quality of my sketches, I had some issues with my scanner and I had to improvise with my webcam.

And finally, here is my video reference I'm using for the shot as well.

Next week I'll have my blocking posted! :)

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Cathy Shields said...

Love it!! You are amazing!