Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class 1 Week 8

Its already the end of Week 8.... wow. The first term is starting to wind down and we're finally getting into walks. So far this experience has been amazing! Animation Mentor is really where I need to be and I feel like the whole community has taken me in like family, because that is what they are, a big animation family. I believe animator's are born, and there are a very select group of people at Animation Mentor and everyone of them are special in their own way. Its awesome, and really a unique learning experience.

So this week is the start of our walks. We learned what really goes into walking and what takes place. We had to first submit this week a "blocked" version of a basic walk. Ok first, when I say blocked, it just has the most important poses in the animation--if you count there is 1 pose for ever 3 frames. And a "basic" or vanilla walk is a walk that is as plain as you can make it, with absolutely no personality. Then next week, we have to take this assignment and finish the rest of the frames and submit it once again.

Also for this week we had to make another pose to show "Physical Strength."

Here is my walk:

Here is the planning for the walk:

Here is my Pose for this week, Physical Strength:

Here is the plan for my pose:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Class 1 Week 7

So here we are, already done with Week 7 and on to 8. This past week probably has been my biggest challenge so far. This is one week I am glad I got an early start on as usual--I needed it. The assignment was to animate Tailor (the ball and tail rig) with 120 frames and at least 3 bounces. My spinoff was to have tailor jumping on a branch and run down the tree into a hole. Later in the week that turned into a love story where a girl version of tailor would be in the hole already trying to coax Tailor into the hole.

The first part I had to take care of was the "driving force," or the bouncing ball. Once that motion was polished and the way I wanted it to be, I could then start working on the tail. It took me a full day just to get a full pass on the whole tail done. It was a very frustrating day of trying to figure out how the overlap of the tail would look like--many times I had to get up and walk away from my computer for a bit to recompose myself. But once I finished the first pass it was down hill from there. I was able to clean the first Tailor up and add in the second girl Tailor. And even, I had a last minute pass through the entire animation thanks to the help of a friend in Class 2 to clean up the entire thing before it was submitted. Now I am very happy with the final results.

Finally, here is my assignment for this week:

Here was my initial plan from the beginning of the week:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Class 1 Week 6

Oh wow! It's already the end of week 6! That means I'm already over half way done with the first term! This week has been a real trip. Our assignment this week is to make an overlapping action animation with the pendulum rig that they gave us. It was interesting because this is the first week where we have more than one moving part to a character. But I tackled it one step at a time. I'm really happy with the way it turned out in the end, and was able to help out some of my classmates in the last couple days. :)

Here is my assignment for this week!

Here is my plan for the assignment.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Class 1 Week 5

So it's week 5! :D This past week kinda seemed slow. I had a large chunk of my assignment done by Monday morning this week. But nonetheless, it was fun! This week's assignment was to create another ball bounce animation with one ball going through an obstacle course. Again we had a limit of 120 frames and it had to start at a stopped position and end at a stop (naturally). Also we had another pose to do this week. We had to convey, "devastation."

Here is my animation assignment this week:

The planning for the animation:

Here are my sketches for the devastation pose.

Here is my pose for this week.