Saturday, October 29, 2011

Class 4 Week 5

Sooooo this week has been fun. I've had to take out some parts that were just too busy and then polish polish polish. Basically put little dots all over my character and track those points to make sure they are smooth pretty arcs. :) After all that fun, I now have something that I could call final. Also this week is Halloween! So me and Jess carved pumpkins. I decided to carve Lightning Mcqueen into my pumpkin. Those are also below! Enjoy

My pumpkin!

Jess and I with our pumpkins! She carved a picture of her and her recently lost dog named Toby.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Class 4 Week 4

So this week has been pretty fun. I've added a lot of little things to my shot and my mentor wants everyone to be in spline as well. So I tried to take control of everything I possibly could so when I switched to splines, there would be no surprises. :)

So far things are working well but I'm still noodling around to try to get it just right. The final version is due next week and will be up then.

By the way, check out some of the parts in frame by frame. :) I had fun with squash and stretch in parts. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Class 4 Week 3

So this week I got some great critique once again from Malcon Pierce from Animation Home School. We worked out some issues I had with my shot and made some changes. Also after making those changes I went back and checked with my mentor if I was on the right track. Overall I think the shot is starting to turn out nicely! Now I just need to start noodling things around and working out all the "little" things. :)



Monday, October 10, 2011

Class 4 Week 2

So this week I've got my blocking done. My mentor so far has really been great. He liked my idea and my planning from last week with just a couple changes. So I took those and set all of my poses. I also have a tutoring session with Malcon Peirce this week to go over this shot. Next week I'll have my blocking plus done and more of this shot finished! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Class 4 Week 1

Its finally the start of acting! This past week started Class 4 - Introduction to Acting. I'm really stoked about getting into the performance side of animation now. My mentor is a guy named Ray Chase who is a Senior Animator at Reel FX. For those who might not know, Reel FX is a studio down near Dallas, TX that does a lot of commercial and even feature work. Recently, they have been responsible for the new Looney Tunes shorts and as well as Open Season 3.

Ray is an awesome guy, I met him also this past week in our Q&A. I'm really looking forward to this term and being able to pump out some great animation!

Now onto my shot.

This assignment is my pantomime shot. I have to create a shot within 250 frames that uses acting WITHOUT dialogue. I also have to have 2 contrasting emotions in the shot as well, for example happy to sad or patience to anger.

For my shot I have a very confident barber that messes up a haircut. So my contrasting emotions will be confidence to devastation.

Here is the set up and characters for my shot. :) And before you ask, yes I'll put pants on the guy in the chair. 

Here are sketches for the basic plan of the shot. Sorry for the bad quality of my sketches, I had some issues with my scanner and I had to improvise with my webcam.

And finally, here is my video reference I'm using for the shot as well.

Next week I'll have my blocking posted! :)