Friday, January 18, 2008

Business Professional's of America, or how the say it BPA

So, at my high school we have a club locally known as BPA. This club is usually the club where all the computer "geeks" go to but its actually more than that. BPA is a national organization that puts teens into a competition to test them with their business skill (computer stuff like MS Office). But before you can make it to the national level in competition you have to go through both district and state competitions.

This upcoming weekend, aka tomorow, is the district competition for our area of the state of good ole' Indiana. So tomorow i'll have to get up early and jump into my business attire and then go to competition against others students and test my skills with MS Excel and the rest of MS Office.

well, off i go!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Free Cake from Valve!

Come one come all! Get your free piece of cake. Only for a short time valve is giving "FOR FREE" all nvidia users a copy of the game Portal, from the Orange Box. I personally have this game and have played all the way through it. Its a great game and anyone who has nvidia should NOT pass up this opportunity!

heres a link:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Free Air Guitar!

Hmm, who would be stupid enough to fall for this one? Everyone who is anyone remembers jamming out on your very first air guitar to "Freebird" in your t-shirt and briefs. But this my friends, this is different. They are FREE air guitars.

Well although this is a cool sales pitch for the radio station. But still, you know that some dip-stick will walk by and try to pick one up.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Burnt! And Not Over Easy

Wow am I pooped! Today I've had two different really frustrating computer problems come up, and were not my problems either. The first was resetting a wireless router and the second was hooking up a new hard drive in an old computer.

The first was a pain, just because it started out easy but then got harder over time. I reset the router and then could finally access it. But then i had the problem of setting the internet back up. Which took about 2 hours and a long phone call to the tech support. All just to find out that i should have RESTART the stupid computer. That made me feel stupid.

Then the second, I worked to get a new hard drive in this computer. It didn't even work out and the computer just seemed just way too old to handle it. So i ended up screwing up the old hard drive and having no way to fix it. But my last resort is to take it to a computer 'wiz' in a nearby town so he can fix it.

my brain is just fried.....


Friday, January 4, 2008

Sent from the "iTouch"

So I set up an email so that I can post on here from my iPod.
Hopefully this will make posting easier and I will be able to do it
more. This could be a new way to blog, but 'on the fly.'

Sent from my iPod touch


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty
4, there's really only one word that can describe this great game. And that is WOW! (and no the the MMO kind) This game is blown me away. I picked it up just before the holidays and have been playing it ever since. It is just incredible.

The developers of this game have really outdone themselves making this one. They've pulled out all the tricks in the industry and really have made this game to its full potential. All the graphics look amazing! Unlike most of the higher end games that have great graphics, this one doesn't get weighed down and becomes sluggish. This one has really surprised me and has offered incredible graphics "without" effecting the gameplay.

If anyone is looking at this game and is questioning themselves if they should buy it, STOP! This by far is one of the best games of the decade! Call of Duty 4 will please both fans of the series and anyone who enjoys realistic war games or just blowing the hell out of things.

definitely buy this if you haven't already.



So for the past few years I've seen everyone go around with all their music on their own iPod. Well I really didn't think anything about it until about a few months ago. I just really wanted an iPod. I mean, it really seems logical if you think about it. It has all of your songs, anywhere, anytime. Plus for the past year I've used iTunes for my main media player. So i was already halfway there.

But I was looking at different iPods and their prices when I seen the iPod touch. It seemed even more logical to me, because it had everything the iPhone had along with the iPod. Plus it was about the same price as a normal iPod now-a-days.

So I got my iPod, and got all my music and videos and media on it. Then i got it "jailbroken" so that i could have all the good stuff to put on it. :) Just like the iPhone, my iPod touch now has all the bells and whisles like the email, maps, etc.

I'm pretty happy with the buy. It was definitely worth giving up 160GB for only a mere 16GB.

I can say i love my "new" iPod. :)