Sunday, April 17, 2011

Class 2 Week 3

Ok this week we had to take our blocked version of our assignment and take it further into to "blocking plus." There are however quite a few differences between my shot now and what it was last week. It's still a heel click, but I've added the environment, change the foot he leads off of out of the landing, and completely changed the ending settle. Also I've reworked all of the arcs so it looks cleaner and prettier.
Hope you like it.

Here's my re-block:

Next week I have to polish this assignment and also plan my next one... which just a teaser... will be a guy without arms stepping in gum. :)


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Jordan Miller said...

Hello Chase,

Thanks for the comments! Your stuff here looks pretty good. I bet you're enjoying Animation Mentor. I'm hoping that I can join the next MG Collective before I move.

Keep up the good work.