Sunday, March 20, 2011

Class 1 Week 11

Ok so its finally at the end of the first term! :) It been a crazy ride and awesome at the same time. This last week was probably the toughest and this assignment was the toughest as well. I still am unsure about the final version, but I only have so much time on it. I could spend another week or 2 just fixing things and making it look, and even more importantly, "feel" right. But, I am happy to be done with the first terms assignments and am ready to move on to body mechanics!!

So this past week we were supposed to finish up our personality walk and add a 3/4 perspective on it. So here is what my final assignment turned out to be:

Also, this week, we had to create another pose that showed "balance" on one foot.

And here are my sketches for that pose.

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