Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class 1 Week 8

Its already the end of Week 8.... wow. The first term is starting to wind down and we're finally getting into walks. So far this experience has been amazing! Animation Mentor is really where I need to be and I feel like the whole community has taken me in like family, because that is what they are, a big animation family. I believe animator's are born, and there are a very select group of people at Animation Mentor and everyone of them are special in their own way. Its awesome, and really a unique learning experience.

So this week is the start of our walks. We learned what really goes into walking and what takes place. We had to first submit this week a "blocked" version of a basic walk. Ok first, when I say blocked, it just has the most important poses in the animation--if you count there is 1 pose for ever 3 frames. And a "basic" or vanilla walk is a walk that is as plain as you can make it, with absolutely no personality. Then next week, we have to take this assignment and finish the rest of the frames and submit it once again.

Also for this week we had to make another pose to show "Physical Strength."

Here is my walk:

Here is the planning for the walk:

Here is my Pose for this week, Physical Strength:

Here is the plan for my pose:

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