Monday, January 3, 2011


Hey, so today is my first day of classes at Animation Mentor! There is a ton of information that I will be crunching over for weeks to come. I will be posting all my assignments up here every week so stay tuned! :)


predator said...

Hi Chase:
I'm Parker, from China. I'm also a new student of Class 1, winter term 2011 in AM. And my mentor is Anthony Wong, who is an awesome guy from Pixar. I think all the AM mentors are fantastic, and they would inspire us, help us achieve our dreams in the near future.

It's great to see your blog, it's very cool.

I also established my blog recently,
and I'll upload my new animation works and assignments there, your comments are welcomed!

Keep in touch.



Anonymous said...

haha congratz!! I am exited too it is nive to have you in same class, good luck!