Sunday, September 7, 2008

Concept art for new animation

So I've been thinking about different ideas I have for the new 11 second club sound clip. This month's sound clip is about two characters. One was a police officer or investigator and the other was a woman who apparently killed her husband.

Anyway these are a couple of concept frames for the animation

If you want to listen to the sound clip you can download it here.



Cathy Shields said...

I know you probably didn't realize it but I was watching over your shoulder last night and you did these. I know everyone that looks at these can get the concept of how fast you did these frames. I was amazed!!! But I do have a question, why did you make the woman fat and the men skinny????????

Corey said...

Here's a challenge.. They need to be small animals. The voice of the woman is so sweet and innocent, make her a bunny. Make the cop something like a dog.


wls513 said...

No new ideas for you, just think you are doing a great job.