Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Mojo!

Well i came across this cool application that actually i've been wanting. This app called Mojo is for Mac and is made by Duesty.

A basic run down of his application, you can add friends to a buddy list just like an instant messenger. But unlike an instant messenger you can view your friends iTunes library. But thats not all! You an even download your friends music straight from their library! As well as they can you.

The cool thing is that it is all free. Although for now it has some minor setbacks. It only has a beta for windows that only works on LAN connections. Also there is a feature where you can subscribe to your friends itunes and see when they add more music, but this is only if you pay for the premium package.

But all around a great and cool app especially if you have multiple computers with itunes on them.

heres a link:

p.s. austin powers has nothing to do with this. sorry.

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