Saturday, January 5, 2008

Burnt! And Not Over Easy

Wow am I pooped! Today I've had two different really frustrating computer problems come up, and were not my problems either. The first was resetting a wireless router and the second was hooking up a new hard drive in an old computer.

The first was a pain, just because it started out easy but then got harder over time. I reset the router and then could finally access it. But then i had the problem of setting the internet back up. Which took about 2 hours and a long phone call to the tech support. All just to find out that i should have RESTART the stupid computer. That made me feel stupid.

Then the second, I worked to get a new hard drive in this computer. It didn't even work out and the computer just seemed just way too old to handle it. So i ended up screwing up the old hard drive and having no way to fix it. But my last resort is to take it to a computer 'wiz' in a nearby town so he can fix it.

my brain is just fried.....


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