Thursday, January 3, 2008


So for the past few years I've seen everyone go around with all their music on their own iPod. Well I really didn't think anything about it until about a few months ago. I just really wanted an iPod. I mean, it really seems logical if you think about it. It has all of your songs, anywhere, anytime. Plus for the past year I've used iTunes for my main media player. So i was already halfway there.

But I was looking at different iPods and their prices when I seen the iPod touch. It seemed even more logical to me, because it had everything the iPhone had along with the iPod. Plus it was about the same price as a normal iPod now-a-days.

So I got my iPod, and got all my music and videos and media on it. Then i got it "jailbroken" so that i could have all the good stuff to put on it. :) Just like the iPhone, my iPod touch now has all the bells and whisles like the email, maps, etc.

I'm pretty happy with the buy. It was definitely worth giving up 160GB for only a mere 16GB.

I can say i love my "new" iPod. :)


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