Friday, January 18, 2008

Business Professional's of America, or how the say it BPA

So, at my high school we have a club locally known as BPA. This club is usually the club where all the computer "geeks" go to but its actually more than that. BPA is a national organization that puts teens into a competition to test them with their business skill (computer stuff like MS Office). But before you can make it to the national level in competition you have to go through both district and state competitions.

This upcoming weekend, aka tomorow, is the district competition for our area of the state of good ole' Indiana. So tomorow i'll have to get up early and jump into my business attire and then go to competition against others students and test my skills with MS Excel and the rest of MS Office.

well, off i go!


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Cathy Shields said...

I hear you did pretty well at that.